Fishing in Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is the ideal place for a spot of fishing with and there are plenty of opportunities to sit back and relax. The people of Phu Quoc depend heavily on fishing for there livelihood and of course for the production of their famous fish sauce which is exported around world. Check out your fishing options below, and enjoy yourself.
Fishing tours
The easiest and most straightforward approach is to join one of the many tours that include fishing around the north or the southern An Thoi Archipelago. Some operators run specific fishing tours, and it is possible to organise a private fishing trip with most tour operators. We have listed some of the tour operators below that run specific fishing trips, otherwise visit our Getting Around - Tour Operators page for a listing of more operators or try enquiring with your hotel or resort.

Famous Tony Snorkelling/Island Tours
Tel: 84 0913 197 334
Notes: Local operator that can organise private or group island tours, or snorkelling day trips starting from US$17/person. Tony is known for his Al Pacino accent.

John's Island Tours
Tel: 84 0919 107 086 / 84 0982 107 086
Notes: Local operator that offers snorkelling day trips, fishing trips and custom tours around the island

Night fishing
Looking for something different, why not try a spot of night fishing for squid. Nearly very tour operator on the island runs sunset and night squid fishing tours, some run for 2 hours while others can last up to 4 hours and include a chance to BBQ your squid right on the boat. It is a great and unique experience so visit our Tour Operators listing. Like any tour, night squid fishing can be easy organised once you arrive on Phu Quoc.

DIY fishing
This is a challenging approach, however with a little work, there are some of opportunities to try some Do It Yourself fishing. Here's a quick few ideas of how to go about this on Phu Quoc;
With a little searching around town, you should be able to find some fishing line along with hooks, floats and sinkers, try the local markets or some of the supply stores.
Check with your guest house or a restaurant if they are able to cook your fish (if you catch one of course). Most smaller guest houses and local restaurants will be more than happy to do this or provide a hot grill plate to BBQ your catch.
Remember to buy some bait at the local market, there's plenty of squid or small fish available.
Find a good fishing spot;
This could be a remote beach or rock platform where your motorbike takes you; or
Search around either Duong Dong or An Thoi Towns and hire a small fishing boat and driver to take you out onto the open water where you're chances improve immensely.
Remember to take a hat, it's hard work.

Cheat and visit the market
Had no luck fishing? There's an incredible range of fish for sale at the local market, and it's definitely worth taking a look at what's on offer. Of course the shopping conditions are a little different than your local supermarket, you won't find any seafood fresher than what's on display here at the local markets.

Where can I cook my fish?
If you organise a tour, most of the operators can recommend a restaurant that will cook your fish just the way you like, otherwise some tours can cook your catch while your on tour, like the night squid fishing. Otherwise check with your guest house or a local restaurant to see if they will cook your fish, most will be more than happy to assist you in cooking your fish, after all seafood is the main diet for all the islanders.

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