Thom Beach, Phu Quoc Island

Located on the far north east of Phu Quoc approximately 35kms from Duong Dong you will be find a long stretch of uninhabited beach. While not one of most attractive of beaches, it is quite remote and getting here will be quite challenging, best option is by motorbike.

Once upon a time the Vietnamese military restricted access to Bai Thom Beach, but those days are thankfully over. Even so, visitors to this most north-westerly beach are still very sparse on the ground and public facilities almost non-existent. One Vietnamese blogger who rode up the long dirt road to Bai Thom in 2008, Hai Le, called it "a neglected beach". Hai Le went on to state that Bai Thom offered the closest views of the Cambodian mainland. Obviously it is this proximity to Cambodia which made Bai Thom such a sensitive place for the Vietnamese military, given Cambodia’s claim to ownership of Phu Quoc, and their invasion of the island in the 1970s.

On a small dirt road past the Bai Thom turn-off, on the rocky coast overlooking the Cambodian shore, you will find the restaurant that Alleged Traveller found in 2008. The Alleged Traveller wrote: “We ordered the fish cooked with salt and chili and found a seat in a shady spot right on the water.” The Alleged Traveller concluded it was one of the finest dining experiences he/she had ever had.

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