Other beaches, Phu Quoc Island

One of the great things about Phu Quoc is that is so undeveloped, you can sometimes feel like an explorer discovering new lands. Hire a scooter and you will see beautiful places not listed on any map or in any guidebook. Around An Thoi you will find An Yen Cap Beach and Bai Xep Beach. Near Ham Ninh you can visit small beaches called Hang Ran Cap and Bai Bon. There might not be much at Bai Bon now, but according to Vietnam Real Estate Online, a major resort is planned here (the Eden Phu Quoc Resort). More significant is Dat Do Beach, which stretches for about 1.5km along the south-west coast, near An Thoi town. It is just south of the pearl farm on Long Beach. Governing authorities have proposed eco-tourism development and construction of a passenger wharf at Dat Do, and this could become a major tourist center and a port of call for international cruise ships. Ominously perhaps, the name means "Red Soil Beach".

Venture past Ong Lang Beach on the other side of Long Beach and signs of civilization diminish pretty fast. Keep on going and you will come to a small beach called Vung Bau, with a red road running right alongside it. Apart from the wandering cows it is basically uninhabited, but if you want to stay here you could try bamboo, a collection of cottages and a restaurant.

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