Duong Dong Beach, Phu Quoc Island

Sai Gòn Phu Quoc Beach Resort

Many visitors come to Phu Quoc by air, meaning that their introduction to the island is the town Duong Dong (where the airport is). Appropriately enough, the airport sits on a bend of the local river a short distance from the sea. Duong Dong is a rundown looking town despite its amazing natural setting, and a lot of buildings you'll see hanging out over the river are very roughly made (red bricks and corrugated iron being the dominant materials used). Stand on the rocks by the sea's mouth and you can watch all the rustic looking ships sail into port.

Along the beach you will find a strange rocky platform protruding from the sea with a couple of trees and a temple and a lighthouse on top of it. This is the Dinh Cau Rock, and the temple goes by the same name. One of the great landmarks of Phu Quoc, this is the place where fishermen pray before embarking on missions. The temple is dedicated to the goddess of Thien Hau, protector of sailors and fishermen.

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