30-days visa exemption for Phu Quoc

Foreign travelers entering Phu Quoc Island will obtain the exemption for entry, exit and transit visas up to 30 days when coming via the International Airport.

This visa exemption is also applicable for any foreign visitors being in transit at an international border gate in Vietnam (by air only).
 This visa waiver is a part of Decision No.80 approved by Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on December 27th 2013. The old policy is exempting Vietnam visa for international visitors to PhuQuoc Island for 15 days.

This new change is aiming to give the most favorable policies to developPhuQuoc tourism and to attract more and more international tourists to this “pearl” island.

PhuQuoc is the Vietnam’s largest island (KienGiang Province – the South of Vietnam) with 547 square kilometer in total area. It isfeatured by charming beaches, beautiful natural landscapes, diverse ecosystem (both on land and undersea) as well as local cultural and historical values.

With warm weather all-year-round, PhuQuoc is ideal destination in any seasons of year, especially in dry season (November to April).

Source – http://www.immivietnamvisa.com/vietnam-visa-guide/30-days-visa-exemption-for-foreign-nationals-visiting-phuquoc-island/#sthash.g0HusC1T.dpuf
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